Friday, December 31, 2021

Mercy Housing keeps residents safe at home using Microsoft Teams

When the pandemic ushered in a new reality of social  distancing, Mercy Housing was able to continue supporting the  residents and  communities it serves while keeping everyone safe—thanks in part to using Microsoft Teams. This customer story shows how Teams  has allowed the organization to maintain critical services, connect with residents and communities, and focus on its mission—all while  supporting highly secure environments for remote work.


Thursday, December 30, 2021

10 Tips to Tackle Your Remote Work Day: How Microsoft Teams Can Help You Stay Connected

Whether you're working remotely or returning to the workplace, Teams enables you to do your best work from anywhere. Stay connected, productive, and secure as you adapt to new ways of working. Teams is the all-in-one collaboration solution with everything you need to be productive in one place: meetings, calls, chat, familiar Office apps, and business process workflows. It's where you come together to get work done. Find our 10 tips and numerous tricks to help maximize productivity and collaboration across your team.

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Team Rubicon uses Dynamics 365 to serve communities during crisis

Discover how Team Rubicon was able to scale its services during the Covid-19 crises because it utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its volunteer management system.


Seattle Against Slavery combats human trafficking and saves lives—at cloud scale

Human trafficking is a growing, global industry. Seattle Against Slavery, a nonprofit organization, is using Microsoft Azure to help empower survivor support organizations and law enforcement agencies to achieve ten times the impact with the same resources.


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement Guided Tour

This is a link to a registration page to watch a to-customer webinar.


3 ways you can ensure secure, productive remote work for your nonprofit

Remote work has become the norm for many organizations, and there's an increased need to empower employees and volunteers to be productive from anywhere, while ensuring a secure, productive remote work environment. Discover 3 ways you can increase efficiencies in your nonprofit organization.

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Azure SQL Database: Intelligent databases that are always up to date

Azure SQL Databases are intelligent and always up to date. It is the only cloud with evergreen SQL which never needs to be patched or updated. This infographic presents the benefits of Azure SQL Database and Azure Advance Threat Protection.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Saving time with Microsoft Teams

This infographic displays  stats  on how Microsoft Teams reduces the total number of meetings as well as their duration from improved collaboration and information sharing. 

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Collaborate more securely: Privacy, security, and compliance in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft takes a comprehensive approach to delivering an enterprise-grade communication and collaboration experience. Learn more about enhancing your privacy, security, and compliance in Microsoft Teams with this infographic.  

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Cloud migration top priority for businesses, despite growing security concerns

Fact: 7 in 10 IT leaders believe cloud migration is a priority when future-proofing digital infrastructure. Also fact: 37% of companies plan to move business critical applications to the cloud in 2020-21. And almost half (47%) of IT infrastructure globally is already on the cloud, despite ongoing concerns over security. Growth in the number of user devices and cloud resources mean organizations must be aware of distributed security risks such as DDoS attacks. Which is why digital leaders are prioritizing improving their organization's cybersecurity.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Building a Resilient Organization through Integrated Cloud-based IT

The results of a double-blind, online survey of 500 IT decision makers responsible for device, productivity, collaboration, and endpoint management tools, showed an increase efficiency and drove business growth by harnessing organizational knowledge to provide rich insights. Learn about the three general stages of Microsoft 365 adoption regarding your business's IT device management approach in this case study. Subscribe to stay connected. We'll help you take an active role in shaping your organization's resiliency.

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Fluid, Dynamic, and Cloud-Powered Solutions

Microsoft is uniquely positioned for partnership with any organization's modern digital transition journey. Solutions like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 provide an end-to-end, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions. Built on a foundation of security and privacy, the Azure platform helps businesses in every industry build resilience and improve the bottom line. Communication is seamless, dynamic, and collaborative. Sign up to say connected—we'll help you learn more about making the transition to the cloud.

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7 Steps to successful online events

As offices begin to open, there is great anticipation of reuniting and collaborating in person. But as people's habits have changed over the past year, so have their expectations. Going forward, the workplace will be hybrid. Many nonprofit organizations must find new ways to deliver digital versions of traditional in-person events like fundraising events and galas, town halls with constituents, or all-hands meetings with staff and volunteers.   In this e-book, we'll look at some of the differences between online meetings and live events and how to be successful with both. You'll also learn seven steps to setting up and running an online event successfully:  Choose your approach  Choose your roles Decide if your event is public or private Schedule your event  Practice your event  It's showtime After the meeting

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Rapidly adapt your business processes

Discover how you can adapt manual processes using low-code technology to streamline experiences. This ten-minute video highlights examples of best practices to improve efficiencies, including an overview of Microsoft's free Crisis Communication App and a demo of an FAQ ChatBot developed specifically for nonprofits


Migration to Azure SQL: An Introduction to Data Migration Assistant and Data Migration Service

Nonprofit organizations often operate in a world of highly constrained resources. Doing more with less requires changing how you work. Microsoft is committed to helping you make a greater impact through digital transformation enabled by secure and trusted technology. This webinar walks you through how to move your data to Azure.


How To Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

Industry leaders are working hard to compete with digital upstarts that develop their business exclusively in the cloud. Business infrastructure has become more complex, and to keep up to date, companies are digitizing their operations—looking for agility and insights from data and analytics. IT business partners must demonstrate the ROI of switching from ""owning"" to "renting" infrastructure. It's now critical to monitor performance across different cloud frameworks with tools that collect and correlate data from every location. Leaders understand there is a before, during, and after migration strategy for making the switch successful.


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The DIY Guide to Building Your First Business App

You might think that building apps would require teams of developers to write the code line by line. In the past, it would have. But today, with an innovative approach known as "low-code" development, you can build them yourself. Using existing data, prebuilt connectors, and Excel-like expressions, nontechnical workers are becoming app developers. With Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, you can rapidly automate processes and build custom apps to meet your needs. These solutions connect to a wide range of data sources for maximum flexibility, including Office 365 and SharePoint. And, the apps you build work seamlessly across the web, iOS, and Android devices. Learn how to turn your ideas into apps with no coding experience required as we introduce you to the Microsoft Power Platform in our e-book, The DIY Guide to Building Your First Business App.

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Create instant remote work meetings with Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with Microsoft Teams while working from home with the help of the "Meet now" feature. In this video, you'll learn  how to use  "Meet now,"  which gives you the ability to turn  a team  chat  conversation into an instant  remote  meeting.

Special Olympics Leaders Use Microsoft Teams to Build Community and Shape the Future

When Grace, a Special Olympics athlete and global youth leader from New Zealand, heard that a friend of hers had to miss a long-awaited competition due to transportation issues, her response was to help build an app that ensured other athletes wouldn't run into similar problems. She teamed up with fellow global youth leader Jack, and the pair worked on a project designed to connect Special Olympics athletes with transportation. When COVID-19 threatened to stall the project's momentum, the duo quickly turned to Microsoft Teams to collaborate and continue developing their app, making sure their inclusive initiative didn't miss a beat. Teams enabled them to communicate across continents and stay on track with their plans.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Microsoft offers 3x the cloud grant vs. AWS

Discover how Microsoft Azure nonprofit cloud services integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Get your access to analytics, computing and more.


Now is the time for Microsoft  Teams

This infographic outlines how you can  stay in touch with the hub for  teamwork in Office 365. With Microsoft Teams you can connect, collaborate, and come together  securely  by meeting with your peers and getting work done anywhere—even remotely. 

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Friday, December 17, 2021

Leading charity implements CRM system to revolutionize way of working

This nonprofit organization hit growing pains as its range of services expanded along with its personnel. It lacked the necessary technology to capture detailed data such as reporting on business activity, client outcomes, and employee information. Learn how Harrow Mencap leveraged Dynamics 365 to help to better serve its mission.


Windows and SQL.mp4

Learn about the features and benefits of migrating to Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure. This video discusses key aspects such as preventing the loss of valuable data and getting the lowest cost of ownership.

Expand collaboration while working remotely, keeping your team engaged, connected, and secure

This one-slide for Teams Meetings and Calling provides insights on how to power up a remote employee with #Microsoft Teams. Learn ways to expand collaboration while working remotely, as well as streamline connections across devices, all while keeping teams engaged, connected, and secure.

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Five easy ways to scale volunteer impact with technology

Volunteers are critical to scaling missions and delivering vital programs and services. But being able to manage volunteers, match the right people with the right opportunity, and provide them with a simple way to stay connected is no easy feat. More than ever before, it's critical for nonprofits to embrace technology to get to know volunteers, streamline coordination, and make sure volunteers have a positive experience, so they want to come back and work with you again. Technology can help scale volunteerism in hybrid, in-person, or fully remote environments, and it supports nonprofits in trying new initiatives and channels to reach new volunteers and better serve existing ones. In our e-book, Five easy ways to scale volunteer impact with technology, we introduce five ways to empower your people with technology including how to: Connect and collaborate with volunteers digitally Make opportunity management and matchmaking simple Streamline volunteer management activities Improve volunteer satisfaction and retention Create digital-first customized volunteer training

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4 Ways Your Employees Can get Started with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate

The creativity of your employees can give your business a competitive edge in challenging times, sparking new ideas and driving growth. But how can you tap into that innovation when employees spend so much time on manual, repetitive tasks, switching constantly between different tools? Kick off your onboarding Simplify approvals Save a message or get a reminder Get a push notification whenever you're mentioned These are just a few ways that employees can use Teams and Power Automate. The new Power Automate app for Teams makes it more approachable and straightforward than ever to automate routine tasks. A simplified flow designer makes it easy for anyone to get started automating, using thousands of prebuilt templates. To learn more, read the flyer.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Better on Azure: The benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Azure is a logical choice for Windows Server and SQL server workloads. This whitepaper examines how Azure supports applications that rely on SQL Server or Windows Server in four key areas: security, rapid innovation, hybrid solutions and cost advantage.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Why Only The Agile Will Survive

This compelling article written by Steve Denning for Forbes outlines how COVID-19 has been an accelerator for change—both good and bad. With this change becomes the imperative need to be agile to not only survive but to thrive.


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Monday, December 13, 2021

What is Microsoft Teams?

This video shows how you can pull together a team with Microsoft Teams on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Use chat instead of email, securely edit files at the same time, see your likes, mentions, and replies with just a single tap, and have the freedom to customize it all by adding notes, websites, and apps.


Sunday, December 12, 2021

WATAN innovates and improves agility at critical times by automating HR operations with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

WATAN, an independent NGO supporting humanitarian and humanitarian causes, leveraged Microsoft technology to rectify their cumbersome manual human resource processes into an efficient, cost effective, and automated solution. Upon implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resources, the organization has automated its HR processes saving them time and money so they can better serve their community.


Adapt business processes to changing​ technologies and demand

Use this one-slide to show your customers how they can easily adapt business processes to changing technologies and demand. Nonprofit organizations can modernize business applications, build a happier, more secure remote workforce, and create a resilient program delivery process.

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement | Microsoft Nonprofits

Discover how nonprofits can deliver effective programming through volunteer management and volunteer engagement with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.


Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

Learn how Microsoft Teams, included as part of Microsoft 365, can enable your team to communicate and collaborate from anywhere. By integrating meetings, messaging, and calling services into a single, secure hub, Teams offers: • The familiarity and power of your favorite Office apps. • The ability to meet across mobile, desktop, browser, and a wide range of devices.  • The ability to share, edit, and co-author files, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, within the app. • The ability to record, store, and transcribe calls and voicemails for easy sharing and replay. See how you can modernize teamwork for your business with Teams.

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Microsoft Fireside Chat | The Salvation Army stays connected during COVID-19

The global COVID-19 Pandemic presented a challenge to Salvation Army locations across the world—how to continue serving people who rely on The Salvation Army while still staying safe and adhering to social distancing? Microsoft CVP Jared Spataro and The Salvation Army Commissioner Merle Heatwole discuss how Microsoft Teams is helping connect employees from The Salvation Army's international headquarters in London, helping them maintain their relationship with international chapters who rely on their support.

Security Solution Overview

With data growing increasingly valuable and harder to protect, Microsoft provides security solutions across identity and access management, information protection, threat protection and security management. Harness integrated, comprehensive security with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection,  Azure Security, and Azure Sentinel to identify and repel more threats than ever before and safeguard your organization, without sacrificing productivity.

Day in the life of a Volunteer Manager

Experience what a day might look like in the life of a Volunteer Manager who uses #MicrosoftTeams to recruit, train, and deploy volunteers to help reach constituents and communities quickly and effectively in times of need.

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An elevated Surface experience

The new Microsoft Surface Management Portal is a centralized solution for IT administrators to self-serve, manage, and monitor Surface devi...