Monday, January 31, 2022

Microsoft Edge as default browser for access to legacy web apps and better security

Today's users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. Businesses have security top of mind, and so with those two goals, Global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline chose Microsoft Edge as its single web browser. The IT team responsible for the Microsoft Edge deployment of over 130,000 employees enrolled every Windows 10 device in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. With Microsoft Edge now on their internal store, end users could install it on-demand—a perfect solution for employees who are asking for more ways to work the way that they want. With a consolidated default browser, legacy web apps are secure.


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Just move it to the cloud

This blog outlines  the different methods of data migration and use cases.  Your method of migrating data to the cloud will depend on many factors. Migrating large amounts of data can be done with  any of the  methods explained in the blog, including  Azure Data Box, File Shares, Site Recovery service,  and more.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

10 innovation areas that are reshaping app development​

From startups to enterprises, thousands of organizations around the world are using Microsoft Power Apps to build professional, custom apps to solve their challenges. This infographic outlines the top 10 innovation areas to watch.

View: 10 innovation areas that are reshaping app development​

Why choose Windows Virtual Desktop?

This infographic identifies the top six reasons to choose WVD: platform of your choice, Windows differentiation, enhanced protocol, containerized User Profiles, native Office 365 performance, and Teams enhancements.

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Supporting our customers during COVID-19

This whitepaper addresses the question of how IT infrastructure is being stretched due to COVID-19 and outlines what Azure features and services can help in the current situation.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Culture Series | Microsoft Dynamics 356

In today's uncertain environment, the ability to adapt quickly to change and strengthen engagement with employees and customers is critical to your business success. Watch this three-episode webinar series to learn from Microsoft's sales and service industry leaders with firsthand experience driving change management with positive results.  Episode One: Remote Selling Accelerated During a time of financial uncertainty, put your customers' needs first with collaborative sales techniques. Gain skills to tackle the challenges of remote selling by leveraging collaboration and communication technologies. Foster a safe and secure environment for your sales team to boost morale and productivity. Episode Two: AI in the New Normal Use AI to gather quick insights, allow for real-time responses 24/7, and assist in predictive decision-making. Integrate AI to enhance the ability of employees to deliver results. Leverage AI capabilities to increase efficiencies and generate new revenue.     Episode Three: Why Agility and Care Are Critical to Great Customer Experiences Gain tips for transitioning and managing a remote workforce. Overcome the challenges of virtual interaction by building relationships with responsive customer service. Set yourself apart by creating an empathetic culture that helps your agents connect with and engage customers.


Strengthening connection with remote communities with Windows 365

Nunavut, located in the northernmost region of Canada, has a large population under the age of 25, distributed across remote communities with no connecting roads. The IT team in Nunavut's government collaborated with Microsoft on a pilot rollout of Windows 365 to help maintain remote government operations during COVID-19 and as part of a larger strategic initiative to provide more efficient community services to all its citizens. With Windows 365, Nunavut can deploy virtual endpoints to a government employee's device using Microsoft Endpoint Manager—no small challenge in dealing with getting users up and running with personalized, highly secure cloud PC service.


Cloud Migration Simplified

Cloud Migration Simplified Help your organization improve cost-efficiency, agility, and scalability by migrating to the cloud. Use this guide to help with planning and implementing your end-to-end cloud migration strategy. Read this e-book to get guidance on how to: Define your business justification for cloud migration and create an initial plan. Choose which workloads get moved to the cloud first. Get resources to help your team build their cloud skills. Explore migration methodology and deeper learning documentation. Make the most of your investment and help keep it secure with cloud governance and management resources.

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Monday, January 24, 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022

Transition to Cloud: Secure your business with technology you can trust

Today's complicated virtual business reality makes it difficult to secure fragmented IT or cloud point solutions. As we've seen, natural disasters and political tensions require always-on from anywhere tech solutions. We know that Microsoft 365 helps businesses stay agile in these uncertain economic times with cost savings and cloud advances. Need proof? This infographic illustrates how organizations further along in their transition from on-prem to the cloud are more likely to report positive experiences among employees and end users about securing data and personal privacy.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Cloud rationalization: Myth busters

The "five Rs of rationalization" (Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, Replace) are a great way to frame a potential future state for any workload that's being considered as a cloud candidate. However, this labeling process should be put into the correct context before you attempt to rationalize an environment. This one-page flyer debunks three common myths around cloud rationalization labeling process.

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Healthcare nonprofit empowers its people to improve processes, respond faster with Power Automate

Partners In Health (PIH) serves impoverished communities in 11 countries, bringing modern medical care to those most in need. PIH adopted Microsoft Power Automate to better support its global workforce and mission to deliver high-quality healthcare. Check out their story.


How to adapt business processes quickly in times of disruption

You need to connect people, systems, and operations in new ways during times of disruption. With low-code automation you can rapidly adjust to the new environment and accelerate your digital transformation affordably and with ease. This e-book will describe how to adapt business processes fast in times of disruption.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Migrating to Azure Nonprofit Resource Guide for Your Database Migration

Learn how to plan and implement a successful cloud migration strategy for your databases. Get tools, resources, and best practices to simplify your migration. See how other nonprofits accelerated their mission, improved scalability and optimized costs with Azure.  Read this e-book to learn how to:  Develop the migration strategy that best suits your needs.  Successfully move SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, NoSQL, and other databases to Azure.   Simplify your migration with free tools like Azure Database Migration Service and SQL Server Migration Assistant.  Optimize your database costs, performance, and security after migration to get the most from your investment. Empower your staff with many free and low cost courses, demos, and trainings categorized by experience level so you can advance your mission with cloud-powered technology. Move to the cloud with the Azure Grant Leverage $3,500 (USD) Azure services credits per year and access the complete portfolio of Azure cloud solutions and services.

View: Migrating to Azure Nonprofit Resource Guide for Your Database Migration

Cloud lessons learned

Cloud computing offers measurable benefits and solutions to real problems, including aging hardware, barriers to innovation, data center capacity constraints, and even regulatory requirements. But moving Windows Server and SQL Server workloads can be daunting. What follows are actual customer experiences that illustrate both the process of migration and its benefits. This e-book will help you learn from their experiences.

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Make every kind of meeting better

Staff members spend an average of 10 hours each week in meetings, but research involving more than 800 leaders tells us that the more digital our world becomes, the more members need connection with others on their team. This document takes a closer look at the five different types of meetings and how to drive greater satisfaction for each.


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

5 ways to lead effective virtual meetings with your remote teams

With virtual meetings, your team can connect from across the globe. In this article, learn  five  tips to make the most of your virtual meetings. You'll also learn techniques  for keeping cameras on, connecting with empathy, ensuring  there's space for attendees to share their thoughts, and  setting  an agenda with an outline.


Driving Efficiency Through Low-Code App Development

IT Strategy: Driving Efficiency Through Low-Code App Development As an IT professional, you are in the eye of the digital transformation "storm," often with limited resources. From network maintenance to app development, compliance and security to systems integration, your work is important to many parts of your organization. Low-code doesn't mean low-powered. With the extensibility of Power Apps to connect to hundreds of other apps, business systems, and databases, IT teams can use it to tackle in-depth and complex challenges, making app development much more efficient for professional developers. Learn how to reduce costs and increase the agility of your IT resources when you read the e-book, IT Strategy: Driving Efficiency Through Low-Code App Development. Discover reasons why IT leaders are turning to low-code app development platforms, such as: Reducing IT backlog while driving innovation across the organization. Allowing anyone in the organization—not just developers—the ability to create apps with drag and drop simplicity. Digitizing time-consuming manual, repetitive, and paper-based tasks by setting up automated workflows. 

View: Driving Efficiency Through Low-Code App Development

Drive a Remote Data Culture | Microsoft Power BI

The way we work is changing dramatically. It's more connected, collaborative, and often done remotely. Organizations need tools to help everyone infuse data into every decision. Watch this webinar to learn how the new Power BI integrations for Microsoft Teams make it easier to discover and use data within your organization.    Learn how to easily: Find and view data faster without leaving Teams. Collaborate with your colleagues and share insights. Foster a culture of using data to make better, more agile decisions.


Monday, January 17, 2022

Fast forward: How cloud computing could transform risk management

Attitudes toward the shift to cloud computing are changing—even in the banking world, which has been reluctant to make the transition from on-premises to the cloud due to customer data security concerns. The chief information officer (CIO) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston noted recently that ignoring the cloud may introduce security vulnerabilities as on-premises vendors discontinue support for their products. Learn what executives are saying about how and why risk management needs to act now. Get up to speed on the benefits across the six stages of the life cycle for risk model development, and how Microsoft 365 can help build cloud computing infrastructures.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Protect the privacy of your Microsoft Teams meetings

With the increased usage of  Microsoft Teams  to  conduct virtual meetings, the need for tactical best practices to protect your privacy from intruders is also on the rise.  This thought leadership article explores how to protect the privacy of your Microsoft Teams Meetings  with easy ways to mitigate the risk of such problems by updating your settings.


Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

The digital transformation of the business world has pushed businesses to address new challenges: remote work, cloud migration, and device security is the new normal. Today's decision makers need to create people connections, address burnout, and work toward consolidating apps. With Microsoft 365, you get a platform boosted with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. You can download and sync devices, detect threats before issues occur, simplify through vendor consolidation, and so much more. This infographic explains the 6 ways Microsoft 365 apps and services can ease your organization's journey to modern work.

View: Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

Cloud migration checklist

Start planning your cloud migration today! This checklist walks you through the steps to plan, assess, and begin your cloud migration, and it offers resources to help you move to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

View: Cloud migration checklist

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

3 Ways Microsoft Teams Streamlines Business Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a best-in-class hub for team collaboration. The cloud service has been designed to create streamlined and efficient remote teamwork. Teams makes interaction between team members working in different locations as productive as possible. Check out this article from Future Computers that features three ways Microsoft Teams makes collaboration better


Understanding Cloud Migration Strategies

See how to increase your company's security, scalability, and agility by moving your IT ecosystem to the cloud. Download the Understanding Cloud Migration Strategies e-book and get the guidance you need to justify, plan, and adopt a cost-effective cloud computing strategy for your organization.  Read this free e-book for a comprehensive overview of cloud migration and: Learn how to set quantifiable goals for your project, assemble a cloud strategy team, and assess your company's cloud readiness. Find out how the infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) cloud deployment models work. Explore the financial impact of transitioning to the cloud and learn when to involve your organization's leaders. Get tools from Azure Cloud Services to help with the logistics, governance, and costs of migrating your apps and data to the cloud. 

View: Understanding Cloud Migration Strategies

Empowering volunteers with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

This is a link to a registration page to watch a to-customer webinar.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Cloud rationalization: The five Rs

Cloud rationalization is the process of evaluating assets to determine the best way to migrate or modernize each asset in the cloud. The five Rs of rationalization are a great way to frame a potential future state for any workload that's being considered as a cloud candidate. 

View: Cloud rationalization: The five Rs

Create and use private channels in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams private channels, you can have focused, private conversations with  specific  people on your team. This Microsoft Teams tutorial video will show you how to create private channels as you're working remotely.

IT strategy: Driving efficiency through low-code app development

This e-book provides guidance on how to empower every teams to build rich applications with drag and drop simplicity. This guide will show you how Power Apps and Power Automate alleviate common IT challenges by accelerating app development while meeting the unique needs of the organization. This platform makes it possible for almost anyone to build web and mobile applications without software development experience. Get started today.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Transition to Cloud Deployment checklist

Businesses rely on cloud transformation for the stability and agility it offers to their operations. Microsoft 365 enables this transformation by realizing modern work environments where users are productive and secure while working from anywhere. Review the infographic and get started today with this 5-step deployment checklist. Learn how you can rapidly deploy Teams, secure access, provide employees with adequate support, and more.

View: Transition to Cloud Deployment checklist

Friday, January 7, 2022

10 reasons to use Azure SQL in your next project

There are many database technologies available on Azure that you can choose from. Why would you use Azure SQL?  Find out in just 10 simple points. 


Thursday, January 6, 2022

Make-A-Wish Foundation finds efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic—and beyond

With COVID-19 impacting their traditional operations, Make-A-Wish transitioned their staff to work remote within a week and creatively pivoted to adventure boxes while in-person wish fulfillments were put on hold.


Security and privacy with an integrated portfolio of cloud services

Businesses rely on cloud transformation for the stability and agility it offers to their operations. Microsoft 365 enables this transformation by realizing modern work environments where users are productive and secure while working from anywhere. Secure your business with technology you can trust, ensure only the right users have access without affecting productivity, and protect your data through security best practices and easy-to-use policies that prevent accidental data leaks. Sign up to say connected—we'll help you learn more about making the transition to the cloud and into a more secure environment.

View: Security and privacy with an integrated portfolio of cloud services

Microsoft Industry Clouds

Learn how your teams can collaborate on a single platform designed to bring all your technology investments together. Microsoft Teams as a platform can house third-party apps your teams already use, new apps using the Power Platform's low-code technology, and custom app solutions. In this webcast, you'll discover how to: Easily enhance productivity by using ready-to-use apps across and beyond Microsoft 365. Build apps faster with low-code and no-code tools that address key pain points and challenges.  Empower everyone with Power Platform to automate workflows and streamline processes.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Mobile collaboration with the Malteser aid organization

Based on the demand of their employees, Malteser decided to augment their private cloud with a public cloud solution based on Microsoft 365. Access their compelling story and learn how this solution inspired other nonprofit organizations in their region.


The DIY guide to building your first business app

This e-book breaks down the five steps necessary to build your first business app, no experience needed! From idea to build and update, this guide inspires new developers to leverage Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to build custom apps to meet your nonprofit organization's needs.

View: The DIY guide to building your first business app

Unbeatable offers for migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to the cloud

While innovation has supplanted cost savings as the primary driver of cloud migration for many organizations, moving to the cloud needs to  make sense for your budgets and resources. Learn about the unbeatable costs offers and benefits of  migration to Azure cloud.

View: Unbeatable offers for migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to the cloud

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Everything you need to connect with your teammates and be more productive

Microsoft  Teams continues to invest in experiences that will make it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate.  This article by Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365,  informs how  new capabilities reflect commitment to two things: building the very best online meeting experience for customers and bringing technological solutions to traditionally underserved professionals.


3 Ways Low-Code App Development Can Help with Immediate Response

3 Ways Low-Code App Development Can Help with Immediate Response Increase your organization's ability to immediately respond to dynamic situations by using low-code app development. Get the data and insights you need to take decisive action with low-code apps that can be built faster, with fewer resources, at a lower cost, and by any employee in the company. Read this e-book to explore three ways your organization can use low-code app development software, such as Microsoft Power Apps, to adapt to unexpected changes. Get apps up and running faster with accelerated development and testing cycles. Reduce demand on IT resources by empowering non-technical employees to turn their ideas into apps with no coding experience. Help leaders make better decisions by quickly creating apps that provide visibility into the dynamic data they need.

View: 3 Ways Low-Code App Development Can Help with Immediate Response

Modernize digital processes to accelerate innovation and ensure data security

This one-slide introduces the benefits of using Windows Server and SQL Server with Microsoft Azure. Features include  reducing costs and streamlining IT resources; modernizing by migrating to a flexible, open cloud; innovating new apps or managing existing server apps with unlimited flexibility; and ensuring data protection, security, and business continuity.  

View: Modernize digital processes to accelerate innovation and ensure data security

Monday, January 3, 2022

Goodyear drives more remote collaboration to keep plants running with Microsoft Teams

As a company dedicated to keeping people moving, Goodyear tire company wasn't about to slow down because of global travel restrictions due to COVID-19. When engineers could no longer travel to factories for equipment installation or troubleshooting, Goodyear turned to Microsoft Teams running on RealWear voice controlled, assisted-reality wearable computers to bring the engineering experts into the plants virtually—enabling instantaneous collaboration from remote locations, and saving money on travel costs.


An elevated Surface experience

The new Microsoft Surface Management Portal is a centralized solution for IT administrators to self-serve, manage, and monitor Surface devi...