Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Culture Series | Microsoft Dynamics 356

In today's uncertain environment, the ability to adapt quickly to change and strengthen engagement with employees and customers is critical to your business success. Watch this three-episode webinar series to learn from Microsoft's sales and service industry leaders with firsthand experience driving change management with positive results.  Episode One: Remote Selling Accelerated During a time of financial uncertainty, put your customers' needs first with collaborative sales techniques. Gain skills to tackle the challenges of remote selling by leveraging collaboration and communication technologies. Foster a safe and secure environment for your sales team to boost morale and productivity. Episode Two: AI in the New Normal Use AI to gather quick insights, allow for real-time responses 24/7, and assist in predictive decision-making. Integrate AI to enhance the ability of employees to deliver results. Leverage AI capabilities to increase efficiencies and generate new revenue.     Episode Three: Why Agility and Care Are Critical to Great Customer Experiences Gain tips for transitioning and managing a remote workforce. Overcome the challenges of virtual interaction by building relationships with responsive customer service. Set yourself apart by creating an empathetic culture that helps your agents connect with and engage customers.


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